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Grenadine & cherry velvet cupcakes

This is a variation of my beloved red velvet cupcakes suggested by Christina who tried a cherry red velvet cupcake (a Halloween vampire-themed one, no less) and reported that “it blew my fricking mind”, even in spite of it being vampire-themed which of course would have earned a wry eyebrow-raise from me.

These cupcakes are supposed to contain actual grenadine, but being lazy in very specific ways, I was willing to spend hours devising this recipe and baking and decorating these cupcakes but was not willing to spend any time looking for a shop that actually sold grenadine. Edit: I unintentionally found a shop that sold grenadine less than 24 hours after actually needing the grenadine. So I made my own approximation just using pomegranate juice, but if you have actual grenadine, go ahead and use it. With my homemade grenadine, the cupcakes are a bit tarter than they otherwise would be, but that’s probably a virtue in a recipe that has so much sugar. Recipe after the cut.