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Bacon chocolate custard with chocolate soil and sour cream pearls

Ok yes this recipe is all kinds of insanity. But mostly good kinds of insanity, I like to think.

The flavour of the bacon in the chocolate custard is subtle, as it comes from bacon-infused milk (yeah I thought I was being original and unconventional with my creation of bacon-infused milk, until I stumbled across a blog article all about how chefs in a few restaurants make bacon-infused milk and thicken it with gellan to make, essentially, bacon cream — then I didn’t feel so original, but I did feel less insane). The overall taste of the pudding in the end is of slightly bitter chocolate but just slightly richer and more resonant. And maybe a bit smokey. And bacon-y. I don’t know, just try it. It’s interesting.

And chocolate soil is fantastic. You can and will put it on everything. You know when you make a cheesecake and you sometimes make the crumb base by processing biscuits and butter together? This is kind of the same idea, but about a thousand times better. And it really looks like soil. But nice soil, soil that you wouldn’t mind eating.

As for the sour cream pearls — I hadn’t even considered how spherification-friendly dairy products might be. They have sufficient calcium in them already to react in an alginate bath to allow for reverse spherification. Tremendously convenient.