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Bacon chocolate custard with chocolate soil and sour cream pearls

Ok yes this recipe is all kinds of insanity. But mostly good kinds of insanity, I like to think.

The flavour of the bacon in the chocolate custard is subtle, as it comes from bacon-infused milk (yeah I thought I was being original and unconventional with my creation of bacon-infused milk, until I stumbled across a blog article all about how chefs in a few restaurants make bacon-infused milk and thicken it with gellan to make, essentially, bacon cream — then I didn’t feel so original, but I did feel less insane). The overall taste of the pudding in the end is of slightly bitter chocolate but just slightly richer and more resonant. And maybe a bit smokey. And bacon-y. I don’t know, just try it. It’s interesting.

And chocolate soil is fantastic. You can and will put it on everything. You know when you make a cheesecake and you sometimes make the crumb base by processing biscuits and butter together? This is kind of the same idea, but about a thousand times better. And it really looks like soil. But nice soil, soil that you wouldn’t mind eating.

As for the sour cream pearls — I hadn’t even considered how spherification-friendly dairy products might be. They have sufficient calcium in them already to react in an alginate bath to allow for reverse spherification. Tremendously convenient.

Steamed buns with bacon and caramelised bananas

I imagine that this recipe should come with some warnings:

Do not attempt this recipe if you care about your cardiovascular health at all. Do not attempt it if you wish to avoid Type II diabetes. Do not go within a 5-metre radius of the finished product if you want to keep the enamel on your teeth. Do not attempt this recipe if you have a weak stomach or a delicate disposition. This recipe would have been a candidate for thisiswhyyourefat.com if the owner of the site hadn’t deleted it (although Google has lovingly cached it of course). Do not prepare or consume this item while operating heavy machinery. May cause excessive sweating, nervousness, over-excitement or disgust.

That said, as shameful as these things are, they are amazing. And it’s not as if I’ve Lutherised a KFC Double-Down, a.k.a. fried meat + more fried meat + doughnut. This recipe is a petty crime compared to that monstrosity.

It came about out of pure necessity (so I tell myself) when I was trying to put together some form of meal with whatever was hanging around in the kitchen on a public holiday. I had about 20 steamed buns left over from the night before, I had bacon I had bought at the butcher because it was free-range and looked good, and I had bananas which I had bought primarily for their ethylene, so that they would encourage my very unripe chocolate pudding fruit to ripen. A few days previously I had been at a newly opened restaurant and had ordered a dish containing caramelised bananas and I was wistful for them, so they had to make a reappearance. And so everything came together in this ungodly way.

Peanut butter & bacon cookies

Made to, uh, commemorate Inga and I completing the first year of our PhDs (yeah, the neuroscience research fields of attentional control and pharmacology/physiology of executive function don’t know what hit ‘em).

You can feel your arteries hardening as you eat these cookies but it’s entirely worth it.

French toast and bacon cupcakes

Cinnamon and maple syrup flavoured cakes with tiny bacon pieces in the cream cheese icing and bacon pieces on top.

Cupcake recipe here. I left the bacon out of the cakes and put it in the icing instead. The recipe for my icing is 250g softened cream cheese creamed with 60g softened butter, then with a teaspoon of vanilla paste and 1/2 a cup of sifted icing sugar beaten in, and the tiny fried bacon pieces stirred through.