Monthly Archives: February 2010

Black Forest post-birthday cupcakes

Had these on the day after my birthday; I had intended them to be for my birthday but didn’t have the time on my birthday or on the day before to finish assembling them. They are another take on the Black Forest gâteau, but this time I just made dark chocolate and buttermilk cupcakes according to my own specifications (including some kirsch), filled them with cherry jam, and topped them with white chocolate kirsch mousse.

The mousse is a Heston Blumenthal recipe, part of his rather elaborate Black Forest gâteau, with its (I kid you not) 62 individual ingredients. If you’re motivated you can use just two of the 62 ingredients (cocoa butter and 33% cocoa solids Valrhona Tanariva milk chocolate) to make aerated chocolate in a vacuum bag – just watch the whole thing in this video, it’s worth it. Anyway, the white chocolate kirsch mousse is fantastic, and I got the recipe out of the enjoyably hefty The Big Fat Duck Cookbook. Mousse recipe below the cut.

French toast and bacon cupcakes

Cinnamon and maple syrup flavoured cakes with tiny bacon pieces in the cream cheese icing and bacon pieces on top.

Cupcake recipe here. I left the bacon out of the cakes and put it in the icing instead. The recipe for my icing is 250g softened cream cheese creamed with 60g softened butter, then with a teaspoon of vanilla paste and 1/2 a cup of sifted icing sugar beaten in, and the tiny fried bacon pieces stirred through.